Deepwater Horizon Claims Center Provides Daily Statistics

Almost two years to the day after the Deepwater Horizon oil exploration rig suffered a massive explosion that killed eleven workers and set off a chain of events that ended in the disastrous BP Oil Spill, an agreement was reached between the Plaintiffs Steering Committee that represented many of the residents of the Gulf, and attorneys from BP Oil Company. The agreement covered all imaginable aspects and claims that might be submitted by those businesses and individuals who had suffered economic and financial losses as a result of the spill, and set up a clear-cut, easy to understand process that people could follow to prove that they had been damaged and collect compensation for their losses. The agreement was granted preliminary approval and set into motion just a few weeks later, on June 4th of 2012, and just two months later the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center that is processing and administering the claims has received over 48,000 registration forms and almost 43,000 claim forms. It is expected that the first payments, denial s of payment, and requests for additional information will be sent out early in the month of August.
For those who are interested in tracking the progress that the Claims Centers are making, the statistical information about how many claims have been received, how many are in the process of being processed, where the forms are coming from and what kinds of claims are being submitted is posted every single day on the official Deepwater Horizon Claims center website. Interestingly, the majority of the claims that have been submitted as of August first have come from the state of Florida; their claims represent more than a third of those that have been received, with Louisiana coming in a close second. The majority of the forms that are being processed are for individual economic losses, which may be because the losses suffered by businesses require a fair amount more documentation and proof of causation. Although no deadlines have been set for filing a claim for the majority of claims classes, that is not the case for those who are submitting claims under the Seafood Compensation program, so it is expected that those claims will begin to pour in soon, particularly because the amount of money that has been set aside in that category has a set limit, and there is a possibility that the $2.3 billion dollar set-aside could be exhausted.

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